The 100th operation test for the retractable roof of the KTSP Main Stadium has successfully completed

7 May, 2021

The 100th operation test of the retractable roof driving system of the Kai Tak Sports Park’s Main Stadium has successfully completed in Japan on April 15, 2021.  On the same day, the project team conducted an online cross-regional field test with 5G technology for the first time.  The teams in Hong Kong, Germany and the United Kingdom all appeared on the scene, witnessing this important milestone simultaneously with the Japan team, and celebrating success of the final testing.

Ensuring the quality even under the pandemic

After completion of the test, Mr. Takashi Takayanagi, Managing Director of Yokogawa System Build Corp., who is responsible for the driving system of the Main Stadium retractable roof, expressed in his speech his gratitude to each team member for their outstanding performance and collaboration, making the manufacturing and testing of the driving system successful even under the impact of the epidemic. “We had encountered considerable challenges during the design and assembly process as a result of the epidemic, but we were determined to overcome the challenges together and each team member had endeavoured to stood fast on their positions, ensuring the final testing was completed of a high standard,” he admitted.

Simulating the actual operation of the retractable roof

As the testing of the retractable roof was held in Japan, the project team had to simulate the actual environment of the Kai Tak Sport Park in order to optimize test fidelity and solve the likely foreseeable problems in advance.  For example, in the unforeseeable circumstance when the Main Stadium’s roof is experiencing wind resistance during the process of opening or closing, causing part of the system, the control of a “truck-like” bogie being affected.  Therefore, the project team had to simulate the wind speed and force by using a special hydraulic device to create relative resistance for the testing in order to ensure proper operation during actual wind condition.

Mr. Eric Lau, Construction Project Director of Hip Hing Engineering Company Limited, expressed his gratitude to the project team for their effort during the ceremony. “This is the first time to carry out testing with the 5G technology.” Mr. Michael Chu, Senior Engineer (Recreation and Sport) of the Home Affairs Bureau also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the project team bravely facing the challenges and finished the test. He said “we understand that our team members had faced numerous difficulties under the pandemic, it is glad that the team has finally overcome the challenges and finished the 100 rounds operation testing satisfactorily as stated in the contract requirement.”

“We are looking forward to seeing the system to be installed in Kai Tak Sports Park. Our team will come to Hong Kong and do the final testing and installation with the Hong Kong team in person, to ensure the smooth operation of the system.” said Mr. Tomoo Miyata, Project Manager of Yokogawa System Build Corp., and the system will be prepared to ship to Hong Kong.